• Interacting with members through conversation and activities.

  • Encouraging good physical and mental health habits

  • Introducing new ideas, viewpoints, and interests to members.

  • Serving as a link to the community and university (cultural events, theatre, sporting events, ect)

  • Light labor activities such as but not limited to cleaning, gardening, washing dishes and helping to prepare  meals.


A commitment of one school semester is expected of each volunteer. If a volunteer wishes to return the following semester, (s)he must be evaluated prior to returning and meet with the Program Manager or Executive Director to discuss the evaluation. If you are sick or otherwise unable to make your scheduled time, you must notify a staff person in advance. If you are receiving credit for work here, the volunteer log will serve as a verification of your total hours. 

For information please call The Gathering Place at 740-594-7337 and ask for the Program Manager or email samantha@thegpathens.com.