Here at The Gathering Place we use art as a therapy tool and as a method to create bonds and friendships between members. Throughout the year, members collaborate to write songs, tend to our garden and work side by side on different activities and projects. Some members take photography classes through the Athens Photographic Project and are able to showcase and sell their work. You can find their photography here. Please contact us if you have any questions about any of the artwork you see below. 

Creative Corner 

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Never Been By  Myself

Eric Carmen wrote and sung a song titled All by myself and I thought that I would never find love or friends and I always thought I was a loner and destined to be alone forever. 

But I was never ever alone. I found God, got a girl and many friends around the world. And I had a nurturing mother who loved and raised me after my dad abandoned us at my birth. I found God and true love but God's love will always be sufficient for me. God's name is Love and I love God and my friends here and abroad.

- David H. 



The Space - Sitting Here Home Alone 


Thinking about the past

Wondering how I've made it

And how long I'm going to last

Totally obsessed with my parking space

For I can't park some other place

Until I get that handicap sign

Keeping it between the lines

Be careful how y ou wonder; alone

The way through the cemetery 

Might be safer than the street

To get home

Let me in the Handicap

Hall of Fame

'Partner in crime'

Remember my name


- A member



Borderline Dream


Country roads take me home

I'm so tired of being alone

What took me this long, then

I'm right back where I've always been

My friends were never around

Their uptown living, was bringing me down

A Loneliness will always stay

I couldn't take another day

No, I didn't see it, coming

Till I heard in the storm 

What faith had been, summing

Then I knew in the heart

The deep down wounded part

They want you to be 

What they make you

You knew all along

They were going to forsake you

Their uptown living, was bringing me down 

They won't drag my dream around

Country roads take me home

I'm so tired of being alone

Yeah, there's some damage, done

You break the heart that has you on the run

I'm going to forgive and forget when 

I've done all I can do, then

But can you not see

How I left them, gracefully

Their uptown living was bringing me down 

They won't drag my dream around

They want you to be 

What they make you

But that won't make your dream come true


- A member



Personal Savior


Should I fall from saving, grace

Would you let me down, easy

Into the arms of faith

How far, until I know...

That was your love

That never let go

Sheaf of lilies, reminding me 

Lovely rose of Sharon, tree

Creator, beginning - end

Crowning sacred story - given in degrees

Fairest of ten thousand

Keeper of the keys

Unlocking the truth, the way unveiled 

Fighting every battle

To free the sorrow, held

Should I fall from saving grace

Would you let me down easy

Into the arms of faith

How far until I know

That was your love 

That never let go


- A member 





Satan's gate he lives in the desert saying that the son of God will come

And he eats all the locusts and wears loincloth for clothing


But I don't believe him for a second, he is a liar from Satan's gate

And monster, still a true monster from hell, just watch him


Paranoia I've done something heinous that only the police and I

And the new world order know about, I'm a wanted man, dead or alive

I don't know the crime


But the sentence is a lifetime of wondering what I've done and the why

It is my imagination run amok, I've imagined that I'm a wanted man


For crimes against humanity or have I

Amber burning ember of fire beautiful


David H.



Good Ole Days


Worthy memories of an old rockin' chair

Mother rockin' the babies there

Not a clue where this life would lead

But a bible and a lullaby

Just left our souls to bleed

Those precious memoires, killin' me

Embrace the truth healin' me

I'll back down this last road home

I'm so tired of bein' alone

You've only had a part of me

Not, what's in the heart of me

With faded pictures and songs of praise

To soon became the good ole days

We didn't know we were making memories then

When we were searchin' for pop bottles to cash in 

So innocent a lifestyle, gone with the wind

Please don't break my heart again

Fishin' wishin' chillen on Friday night

Climbin' trees, skinned up kneees

Sleigh Rides, snowball fights

Skippin' rocks, chicken pox

Walkin' stilts, skies of blue

Did everything they said not to

When did it feel like life just ended

From such adventure, left intended

The need to relive that love and laughter

Some missin' part the heart's still after

If we could turn back time, I swear

The timeless hearts would meet us there

So innocent a lifestyle, gone with the wind

Please don't break my heart, again


- A member 



Drunk on the sweet nechtar of love - a poem


I used to think I could find love

In the bottom of a bottle

And I drank ambrosia the 

Aphrodisac of the gods and love

But I could not find the one

I was meant to be with forever and ever

I got drunk wine and alcohol 

And I found love but it was only temporary

Til she met me and both our Hearts met in a strong bond of love

A love that will last for eternity 

Not only are we connected on a higher spiritual level 

We have connected on a soul level 

And now I am drunk

But not on wine or alcohol 

But the sweet sweet nechtar of love


- David H.